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Wedgetail Long Endurance Fixed Wing Package


The Austrailian Droid + Robot C63 Wedgetail was designed from the ground up as a large, stable aerial platform. High aspect ratio wings coupled with a blended fuselage results in a very clean and efficient aerodynamic design.The airframe is a hand laid up vacuum bagged composite structure, using specialist materials where it counts. Designed and manufactured in Australia with the utmost of care and attention to detail using the latest in Aerospace manufacturing technology.

The design was heavily based around minimizing the amount of ground support equipment thereby making it easy to transport and deploy whilst keeping the initial outlay to a reasonable cost. We believe that we have something special here that fits the requirements of many professional RPAS operators.

The Wedgetail has a generous payload area and lifting capacity and can be adapted to suit a number of specialist roles so please contact us to see how we can help you.

We are working on a petrol powered version for an extended endurance of around 3-4 hrs.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon.


Wing span: 4.1m

Ready to fly mass (without flight batteries or payload): 8.0kg

Max Take Off Mass: <20kg

Flight speed: 15-35 m/s (55-126 k/h)

Battery: 12s LiPo from 5000mAh and up.

Current draw (12S LiPo): 5-7A at a cruise speed of ~20m/s and a 12kg flight mass.

Endurance: <2hrs

Flight range: over 100km



HP X2 G2 Mission Station

Flight Batteries




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