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Pixhawk Digital Airspeed Sensor w/ Pitot Tube

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Features a Measurement Specialties 4525DO sensor, with 1 psi measurement range
The Pix32 Airspeed Sensor Kit enables a resolution of 0.84 Pa, with data delivered at 14 bits from a 24 bit delta-sigma ADC.

  • Does not suffer from the noise induced by long cables and offsets
  • Measures temperature to allow calculation of true airspeed from indicated airspeed using the MS5611 static pressure sensor on Pix32.
  • Not influenced by the heat of nearby processing components
  • Supported on all Pix32 and PX4 autopilot generation boards, this kit comes with M3 / 6-32 mounting holes.


  • Digital Air Speed Sensor 
  • 4pin cable
  • Rubber tubing 
  • Tube