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Tarot 15.5" Folding Carbon Fiber Multi-rotor Propeller


1 Pair (1x CW & 1x CCW) of Tarot 15.5" folding carbon fiber multi rotor propellers. 


TAROT Martin series for long voyage multi-rotor models. TAROT uses a new optimized airfoil design to enhance performance, the overall use of a unique carbon fiber prepreg inside the pressure molding process, curing takes five hours, a unique process to achieve the rotor of high strength, lightweight, so that UAVs get longer flight time and better handling.

Specification :

     15.5inch Carbon Fiber Propeller  6.98 g CW *2

     15.5 inch Carbon Fiber Propeller   6.98g CCW *2

     Copper bush (3mm*5mm*3.5mm) * 4