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Seagull UAV

Seagull #REC


UAV Video Camera Trigger

The most affordable and feature rich Sony MULTI camera controller on the market.

Capture the moment with Seagull #REC for Sony MULTI equipped cameras.

Don’t miss out on those important moments, landscapes and the action.

#REC gives you the utmost control of your camera whilst in flight.

Control #REC either by your R/C transmitter from the ground or let the tasks to be completed by Ground Control software/Mission planner.

Seagull #REC is a “Plug & Play” solution and comes with all the accessories necessary to get you going and start capturing aerial footage.

#REC controls the following functions on your camera:

• Video record start/stop

• Zoom

• 2 Auto Photo modes

• Manual Photo mode

• Camera On/Off

• Timelapse