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Aerial Mapping + Survey


Australian Droid + Robot have a fleet of fixed wing and multi-rotor drones capable of high-resolution aerial mapping including the use of RTK GPS systems to deliver centimetre accuracy.
Whether you need to work out the drainage contours to position a dam on a farm, or you need to calculate cut and fill for progress payments for earthworks, we can provide fully geo-referenced data with areas, volumes, contours and topography, point clouds and DXF files. If required, we can arrange for this work to be certified by qualified surveyors.
Australian Droid + Robot can even produce animated “fly-throughs” once a 3D model has been completed. These animations are a great tool for showing your customers an overview of civil and construction works.
Other uses include high-resolution images of roofs for insurance or maintenance requirements or detailed asset inspections.
Our team are available twenty-four hours a day for emergency work including disaster recovery. Given our large fleet of aircraft and payloads, we can be on the road immediately to provide an overview of damage.