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Dropbear Mine Inspection Robot


The Dropbear is a purpose built mine inspection robot designed to survive in the harsh environment of underground hard rock mines. The robot can be fitted with a number of sensors and hardware options but comes standard with a high definition powerful PTZ zoom IP camera.

The robot also has two smaller PTZ IP cameras for driving which can be positioned to avoid obstacles close to the wheels. The Dropbear has its own meshed 2.4 & 5.8gHz ethernet network onboard that can accommodate any range of IP based sensors such as gas monitors, laser scanners, etc. The platform is powered by a safe, military grade lithium iron battery system with several layers of protection.

The Dropbear has been developed over a decade, through many
iterations to arrive at  what we believe is the most robust, most
versatile Telepresence device available in the mining industry.

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Intended uses include:

  • Drawpoint and Hangup inspection
  • Survey after seismic events
  • Survey of old workings
  • Post blasting clearance
  • Laser scanning