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Eaglet FPV


Eaglet FPV - The perfect FPV platform? We think so!

The multi-purpose aerial platform you have been waiting for. Conceived as a rugged easy to use flight base and refined through countless hours of testing. Removable wings with quick assembly to get you airborne ASAP. The compact tailless design has ample space for equipment mounting. Easy hand launch take offs and simple belly landings.

The Eaglet was designed around the GoPro action camera range for stunning aerial footage. The kit comes with a vibration isolation mount for a GoPro. And the camera location provides clear obstruction free views for FPV/video/photos and makes it easy to access and remove from the Eaglet. There is even an access channel from camera to payload area so you can connect your GoPro to your FPV gear.


Advanced aerodynamics for brilliant flight characteristics

The Eaglet is an innovative tail less design that takes the best features from conventional tailed aircraft and flying wing designs and fuse them into something special. The secret ingredient is the new aerofoil designed by ADR that is based on the well-known MH series foils that is popular in Europe. Also, by mounting all the components inside the fuselage the airflow around the wing is undisturbed making it very efficient. We can go on about the thrust angle, wing incidence angle, wing tip washout, winglet design for locked in yaw, toe in angle etc. etc. but let’s just say it flies amazing and leave it at that. We have spent countless hours designing and flight testing many prototypes so the hard work has been done. You can just relax and have fun flying one of the best flying planes out there!


Compact design for easy transport and storage

Put it in a backpack, take it on a hike. Get that video you always wanted but could never get. The Eaglet features a unique wing mounting system with no servo wiring to connect. Designed to be compact and easy to transport and store yet quick and easy to setup. It can be flight ready in under a minute!


Plenty of space thanks to Double Decker Layout

We first tried the Double Decker Layout on the Wedgetail and liked it so much that we decided to implement it from the get-go into the Eaglet. This layout is about having two separate fuselage zones: a lower compartment for power related gear, and an upper compartment for avionics. Both compartments are easily accessed through fully removable magnetic hatches. There is ample room inside the top bay for fully fledged autopilot systems to simple RC setups (400x75x25mm). No more messy tape to hold components in place, or ugly wing channels to hide wiring or store equipment. Your expensive gear is mounted securely and cleanly inside the payload bay.

The cavernous power compartment offers secure mounting of flight battery pack up to 250x65x45mm in size. No more squeezing of battery packs into cramped compartments! There is plenty of adjustment room for you to fit a large or small battery pack and still get the correct CG balance. Checking the balance is easy before every flight by visual inspection of the build in CG location markers. No more guessing or measuring from the leading edge required!


Effective cooling system

The use of NACA cooling ducts in combination with low pressure exhaust zones results in effective cooling of the power compartment components such as the flight battery, power module and ESC. The engine is cooled by a dedicated duct that directs cooling flow over it. Simple and effective!


Multi-Role platform: The Eaglet is for everyone

Whether you want a simple easy to use RC model or a stable high performance FPV platform the Eaglet can do it all. As a dedicated RC model it can cruise around or it can groove through the sky depending on how you set it up. As a FPV platform, install your choice of FPV gear (there is plenty of room for mounting video and telemetry transmitters), install a large capacity flight pack, and go to places where very few drones can go.

Expand the capabilities of the Eaglet by installing a flight controller of your choice. We tested it with a Pixhawk and it transformed it into a very versatile UAV. Our configuration file for the Pixhawk setup is available in the download tab above, and there is a lot of great information for beginners on Pixhawk/APM autopilot setups at


Designed and manufactured in Australia

The Eaglet is designed and manufactured in Brisbane, Australia. It is a typical Aussie product with a modern design focused around durability and functionality. The airframe is manufactured using modern CNC machinery ensuring a quality fit between components. We took a no compromise stand on the quality of the components. From the light but stiff carbon fibre wing spar to the slop free ball links, every component on the eaglet has been carefully selected and tested by us to ensure the best performance for all!


You can buy a kit and have fun building a well thought out design or you can buy a ready to fly version, it is up to you. Alternatively, we can assemble a Eaglet for you, just send us a message through the “contact us” section.


Wing span: 1550mm / 61”

Fuselage length: 540mm / 21.25”

Ready to fly weight (without battery): From 1.2 kg / 2.65 lbs

Flight speed: 10-30 m/s (36-110 kph or 22-68 mph)

Power requirements: From 450W and up

Battery: 3 - 4s LiPo from 2200mAh


Assembly Video Part 1 - Fuselage build

Assembly Video Part 2 - Wing build

Assembly Manual Part 1 - Fuselage build

Assembly Manual Part 2 - Wing build