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Inspecta Airframe Kit

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Inspecta Underground Multi Rotor

Bare Inspecta airframe kit. It consists of all the core components you need to assemble your own Inspecta.

The Inspecta is the evolution of 25 years of experience in underground mining environments. It has been designed from the ground up to thrive in the harsh conditions characterised by underground mining operations. The Inspecta features a state of the art composite body, which was developed using advanced aerospace techniques. This allows for a large sealed volume for battery and payload storage, in addition to providing it with the ruggedness it needs to exceed in an underground environment whilst remaining light and efficient. The octocopter layout provides an elevated level of safety with redundancy against motor failure and guarded props that reduce the risk of prop strikes.

The Inspecta has a battery dependant, nominal flight time of 20 minutes. The large stable platform can be upgraded or configured to suit the specific needs of any client or task. A range of specifically developed payload packages is available for any underground application, including; SLAM laser scanner package, real time HD visual inspection package, impact prevention sensor package and a lighting package. Ask us how we can help you with your needs today.