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Mappa RTK Package


The ADR Mappa is one of the most capable and best value photogrammetry platforms available.

After speaking to the mining and aerial mapping community and hearing the concerns about the cost of propriety systems and replacement parts, as well as the lack of endurance, the yaw instability and the difficulty of launching flying wings, we are proud to introduce the solution: The ADR Mappa.

The electronics package is protected inside computer cut foam. In the event of an attack with an eagle, the Mappa will most likely tumble slowly through the air before recovering, or float to the ground with no damage to the electronics package. If the drone is damaged, the electronics can then be easily transferred to a new fuselage. The option is to include spare wings and fuselage that are offered at a discount with the initial Mappa package purchase.

Precision cut wings with high lift sections allow for slow, easy take-offs and landings and long endurance. The incredible capability of the 20MP Sony RX100 camera allows for precision optics and high shutter speeds resulting in stunning images. The Mappa can be flown fully autonomously or semi-autonomously and is not dependent on the operator’s skill set. A minimalist control approach in combination with the slow fight speeds makes the Mappa extremely easy to fly. With fully autonomous take-off and landing, on demand camera control and in-fight telemetry, the Mappa is the practical solution to large-scale aerial mapping.

Taking advantage of the evolving “Ardupilot” open sources flight control and mission planning software plaform, the Mappa is a flexible and updatable package.


Real Time Kinematics:  RTK

The ADR  Mappa  comes with a Global Navigation Satellite System Real Time Kinematics (GNSS RTK) package from EMLID for accurate positioning. The system is fully integrated into the flight control system and is used for accurate position stamps for mapping images as well as for precise navigation. The included base station can be used as a stand-alone ground control point or RINEX observation logs from a nearby reference station can be included for optimal accuracy.

Sensor package

The Mappa comes with a 20.2 Mp Sony RX100 camera installed on a vibration isolated mount. The large 1” type Exmor R CMOS sensor in combination with lens apertures of F1.8-4.9 and focal lengths of 10.4-37.1mm results in Ground Sample Distances (GSD) as low as 1.3cm at 50m Altitude Above Ground (AGL).  
In term of area coverage, the Mappa’s flight time of 1 hour covers an area of 5km2  at 100m AGL with a corresponding GSD of 2.7cm.


The ADR Mappa RTK Aerial Mapping System has a number of core safety features including:

Return to home feature

The autopilot system on board the Mappa has a Return to Home feature that when activated will guide the Mappa back home. This feature can be activated by the pilot through the remote controller, through the mission station or by the autopilot itself in case of lost remote control signal.

Fully autonomous missions with optional manual assist – The Mappa is designed as a fully autonomous vehicle meaning that it can complete the entire mission without manual input. However, for safety reasons the pilot can manually assist the Mappa at any time if so desired.

Slow landing speed

The Mappa design was based on the premise of slow and controllable take offs and landings. Relax and stay in control when it comes to landings because the slow 8 m/s landing speed will give you plenty of time for proper situational awareness be it with a fully autonomous or a manual assisted landing.

Safety switch

The Mappa will not arm unless the safety switch is activated. Simply engage the safety switch when ready to take off.

Flight Controller

The Mappa's Pixhawk flight controller allows for fully autonomous take offs, flight and landings. Additionally the pilot is capable of invoking a number of flight modes such as Return to Home mode where the Mappa will return back to base, Loiter mode where the Mappa will circle at a predetermined radius and altitude or manual control mode where the pilot can manually control the vehicle. The Pixhawk flight controller is complimented with a M8N GPS and a digital airspeed sensor allowing for accurate guidance, navigation and control.

Mission Control

The Mappa package comes with a HP X2 G2 pc tablet with the required mission control/planning software installed and configured. Autonomous mapping missions are easy to setup and to control from the base station. Communications between the Mappa and the base station is via a 2.4 Ghz 8ch DSMX remote controller and a 915 Mhz telemetry radio.


The Mappa: RTK Package

Mappa aerial platform

  Pixhawk flight controller


  Pitot tube & Digital Airspeed Sensor

  Sony RX100 camera with flight controller and RTK interface

  Emlid Reach RTK

  915Mhz and 2.4 Ghz communications

  Transport case


Base control station

  HP X2 G2 with mission control/planning software  #

  2.4 Ghz Remote controller

  915 Mhz telemetry radio

  Emlid Reach RS RTK base station

  Transport case


Support Equipment

  3x 3S 10Ahr LiPo Flight Batteries

  1x Flight Battery Charger

  1x Instruction manual


MAPPA RTK: Specifications

Length  1.3 m

Wingspan  2.0 m

Take Off Mass  2.7 kg

Motor  650 W Electric Brushless

Battery  upto 4S 10 Ahr LiPo

Flight time  upto 1 hour

Cruise Speed  12 m/s (43.2 km/h)

Landing Speed  8 m/s (18 km/h)

Communications link  915 Mhz radio

Remote Control link  2.4 Ghz 8 ch DSMX


Imaging  20.2 MP Sony RX100

1” Type Exmor R CMOS