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Quacka Multi Role Quadcopter Kit

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We are proud to introduce the ADR Quacka. It is a compact go anywhere system that fits in a Pelican case for easy storage and transport. With folding arms, props and undercarriage it is a simple and quick job to get it ready for the mission at hand. We know that you will be very happy with the long flight time of 40 minutes.

To the left is a small sample of aerial work obtained using the Quacka to showcase the versatility of this system. We have a number of payloads that can take full advantage of the stable flight characteristics so please feel free to get in contact to discuss your particular needs.

Thermal work 

We paired the Quacka up with a gimbal stabilised FLIR VuePro R giving stunning aerial thermal images and videos.

Surveillance work 

Surveillance experts will appreciate the video quality of the 3 axis gimbal stabilised AVCHD 30X optical zoom camera.


If your thing is aerial mapping look no further. The extended flight times result in less missions to cover larger ground areas.