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R800 Video Surveilance Kit


The R800 kit is the combination of the best value for money components that we could source. The included 10x optical zoom sony video camera gives stunning video (2688x1520) and the efficient propulsion pack gives nominal flight times of 30 minutes.

The kit includes a selection of custom ADR 3D printed parts that we developed to make assembly easier and cleaner!

And the best part is a clear easy to follow manual written by us so there is no confusion as to what goes where.

ADR R800 Assembly Manual 

ADR 3D printed parts

Efficient 4006 Brushless motors

40A Brushless speed controllers

15" Folding propellers

Tarot 650S airframe kit

Gimbaled 10X Sony Peeper camera

HDMI converter

5.8Ghz Video Transmitter

Holybro Flight Controller with power module


900Mhz Telemetry (Ground and Air units)


Does not include the following:


FPV screen

Remote controller


Coming soon