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Spektrum Quad Race Serial Reciever w/ Telemetry

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Small size and lightweight design

Works with most popular flight controllers

Single line connection provides output to FC while receiving telemetry input from FC or battery

Dual antennas for optimal range and RF performance

The SPM4649T quad racing serial receiver offers full-range performance with integrated telemetry providing FPV racing enthusiasts with a serial receiver that can transmit vital telemetry data.

Like SPM4648, the 4649T offers a 1-wire serial connection that is compatible with most flight controllers and an input for telemetry data such RPM, battery voltage and a whole lot more.

Spektrum enthusiasts with telemetry capable transmitters such as the DX6, DX8, DX9 or DX18 can now receive on-demand telemetry data, and by using the voice functionality of compatible G2 transmitters, can have specific telemetry data outputted via the on-board audio system.

Telemetry options include:

Provided directly from receiver. Flight log data Battery voltage RPM Lap Timer Provided by external device e.g.: Flight Controller Flight log if using more than 1 receiver Battery voltage RPM Lap Timer Current draw and total mAh consumption Temperature All other data the FC can send that we support such as GPS, accelerometer date, ESC data