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Thermal Imaging


The advent of lightweight medium resolution thermal cameras has revolutionised thermography. We can now fly both fixed and multi-rotor drones with thermal imaging and RTK GPS positioning. We are continually astounded by the quality of data that our customers achieve with these systems.
One person with a drone can now in a couple of hours do what would have taken days with elevating work platforms and a team of people.
As our cameras are radiometric, we can quickly supply 3D models or orthomosaics or video files showing actual temperatures of buildings, roofs, power lines or any other structure.
Of particular interest these days is the ability to quickly radiograph solar panels to detect bad cells. Thermal imaging is able to detect “hot spots” in solar panels that indicate a problem with the cells. This is of particular interest at two stages of the installation;
1) Immediately after installation to ensure that the contractors has supplied a fully functioning system.
2) Prior to the expiration of any warranty period so that repairs can be conducted at the contractor’s cost, not the customers.
Of course, regular survey of larger installations to ensure they are in peak condition is always a good idea.