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Seagull UAV

ULTRAFLEX, 30cm, Type B (for #REC)

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The ULTRAFLEX cables for #REC are easier on gimbals – especially low-powered ones.

The new Seagull ULTRAFLEX cables have a cable outerdiameter of 2.5mm (2mm less than the Standard cables)

They come in the same 30cm and 60cm lengths and in Type A or B rotation depending on your needs

Explaining the difference of Type A vs. B

Not that long ago Sony decided to reverse the MULTI interface port 180 degrees on the latest camera releases. This means that with the latest models like A6300, A6500 and the new A7 mkII series, the original Type A cable would have the cable exit towards the front of the camera.

With the new “Type B” this has now been corrected, and the cable exits the correct way – towards the rear of these new camera models Type B is the cable to solve the “issue” .